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Muslims4UK, EDL, Daily Express, al-Muhajiroun

Important - Protest Cancelled

URGENT ALERT: The provocateurs of al-Muhajiroun have called off their so-called 'march' tomorrow according to their Islam4UK website. Hence, Muslims4UK will NOT therefore be holding a counter-demo. Please can you inform all your contacts urgently. Many thanks. This represents a victory for all those opposed to the anti-social antics of al-Muhajiroun.

Welcome to Muslims4UK!

Muslims4UK are planning, God Willing, to hold a counter-demonstration on Saturday October 31st 2009 at Piccadilly Circus against al-Muhajiroun (Islam4UK), the English Defence League - who are both scheduled to hold protests there that day - and the Daily Express.

Muslims4UK are proud to live in a multifaith and multicultural Britain. We are proud to be both Muslims and British.

We are very concerned by the ongoing provocative actions of al-Muhajiroun, the English Defence League and the Daily Express who all seem to be working to undermine social cohesion in the UK and incite hatred and intolerance towards British Muslims.

In recent months there have been arson attacks on mosques in Luton, Bishop's Stortford, Woolwich and Sunderland.

It is time to stand up and be counted and say:

  • to al-Muhajiroun: You do not represent us. You are a tool for those who hate Muslims.
  • to the EDL sex dates: You do not represent English people. You are clearly looking to incite trouble.
  • to the Daily Express: You are not a newspaper. You are a vile, xenophobic recruitment publication for the far right.

If you agree with us then - whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim - please consider joining us at the counter-demonstration and let others know about it too.

Date: Saturday Oct 31 2009
Time: 13,00 to 16.00
Venue: Piccadilly Circus

See also the article by Inayat Bunglawala on the Guardian's Comment is Free website