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SwimSeal Twin-Pack All Natural Protective & Ear Clearing Drops for Daily Use Rather Than Alcohol Drops or Earplugs. Avoids Earache from Swimming, Scuba, Diving, Surfing & Triathlons for All Ages

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Cape Town is a popular destination for seal encounters, thanks to its abundant seal populations and stunning scenery. With its picturesque beaches and rugged cliffs, this location is nothing short of breathtaking. When a swimmer develops a “water-related inflammation” of his ear canal, he will invariably be diagnosed and treated by his doctor or ENT as an inflammatory infection of the canal- regardless of the cause. In most cases a bacterial or fungal infection will not be demonstrated, but such treatment will in most cases resolve the problem until the next event. We’ll provide an overview of the best places to swim with seals in South Africa, including Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula. You’ll also get a glimpse into the local culture and history that makes these locations so special. Swimming with Cape Fur Seals in Cape Town SwimSeal™ is a preventative drop designed to protect the ear canal against water without compromising its natural functions. If you have recurring episodes of otitis externa that haven’t responded to treatment, your GP may take a swab of the inside of your ear.

However climate changerepresents the single largest threat to many species of pinnipeds, especially those that rely on sea ice. Various species of Arctic seals rely on ice for breeding, for instance, while walruses use seasonal ice formations to forage for food farther from shore. Fun facts Make sure you clean up any rubbish you bring to the beach or lagoon, including cans, plastic, straws, etc. If these products end up in the ocean, they can cause problems for animals, even death. Big seal under the sea FAQs Are you allowed to swim with wild seals in the UK? Whether swimming with a basking shark in the ocean or a sea lion in a lagoon, you must always respect marine life, and this article will teach you how! Tips for safely swimming with seals All seals eat other animals, and most rely on fish caught out at sea.Seals are skilled hunters of fish and other marine prey. Communication The Farne Islands are located between Bamburgh and Seahouses on the Northumberland coast and are home to one of the largest sealcolonies in the UKwith around 1,000 sealpups born each year. Operators:


Choosing the appropriate clothing for your seal encounter is crucial to staying comfortable and protected in the water. Learn about wetsuits, dive boots, and other gear you’ll need to bring along on your adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a tropical paradise or a rugged coastal adventure, there’s a seal encounter waiting for you. Learn about the best locations for Swimming with seals in California, including La Jolla Cove and Ano Nuevo State Park. We’ll also cover the different species of seals you might encounter and what makes these locations unique. Swimming with Elephant Seals in San Simeon There are 33 species of pinnipeds alive today, most of which are known as seals. Pinnipedia is made up of three main groups: Thewalrus, the eared seals, including numerous kinds offur sealandsea lion; and the earless seals, known as true seals. Robberg Nature Reserve is a must-visit location for those looking to experience seals in their natural habitat. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with Cape fur seals and watch them interact with their environment. We’ll also cover how to dress to avoid sunburn and how to stay warm while swimming in colder waters. By the end of this section, you’ll be ready to head out and swim with seals like a pro. Understanding Seal Behavior: Dos and Don’tsMany wild water athletes continue their sports in the Autumn months, like September. Swimmers may stumble across a seal and its baby. A scenic boat trip out from the shores of Plettenberg Bay will take you right into the heart of the Robberg Cape Fur Seal colony. Here you can enjoy the view from the boat, or dive into the refreshing, pristine waters to swim alongside these playful, gentle-natured creatures. Watch them dash, dive, socialise and sunbathe right in their natural habitat – and be amazed as they play and interact with you too. Polydimethylsiloxane 98% v/v, Australian tea tree oil 2% v/v used as an antibacterial and antiseptic.

Sea lions are one of the few mammals found on the Galapagos Islands. Intelligent and enchanting though the fully grown sea lions are, it is their adorable pups that steal the show, winning hearts with their cute faces and inquisitive and often mischievous nature. The Galapagos pups are remarkably comfortable around humans and even seem to enjoy their company, often approaching swimmers and snorkelers in the waters around the islands. Galapagos sea lions (Zalophus wollebaeki) Operators: Seals are perfectly adapted to the environment, unlike us who need wetsuits to stay warm and fins to be able to move around in the water. This tour is suitable for passengers wanting to swim, kayak, SUP or just relax and soak up the beautiful environment. The water clarity is some of the best we’ve seen in Scotland and is only a few metres deep. This means no need for heavy dive gear or qualifications as everything can be seen from the surface. First, take plenty of pictures and videos. These will serve as mementos of your adventure and allow you to relive the experience again and again. Never swim at night in areas where seals are common, and if you are a weak swimmer, you may want to use a tow float for extra support in the daytime. 5. Remain calm Despite the name, earless seals do have ears but they’re just hidden beneath the surface of their skin.These massive creatures are often seen breaching the water’s surface, spouting water out of their blowholes, and swimming alongside boats. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget! Dolphins You should also avoid using earphones or hearing aids while you’re recovering and keep your ears as dry as you can. The human ear canal (external auditory canal) is a skin lined canal - a most unusual arrangement for any “canal” entering the body. Nowhere else in the human body is there an orifice or canal that is lined with skin (the umbilicus or belly button is an exception, but being only a few mm deep, it hardly qualifies as a canal). Any other orifice is lined with a “wet” mucous membrane. Dives are carried out in shallow sheltered bays often in less than double figures so open circuit with a single cylinder is more than sufficient. Divers must be fit to dive, have a valid medical and their own insurance. Please bring your qualifications on the day to show to the skipper.

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