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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Space Marine Primaris Storm Speeder

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Primaris Apothecary ( Helix Adept • Apothecary Biologis) • Primaris Librarian • Vanguard Librarian • Primaris Chaplain ( Judiciar) • Primaris Techmarine

Uncompromising Fire – 2CP –One INFANTRY unit in your army that is performing an action can shoot without that action failing. Very handy for something like Deploy Scramblers, where you might want to deep strike a unit in and be able to shoot something and still do the action. B+ Deathwatch Veterans: Typically armed with 4 Frag Cannons, 4 Deathwatch Thunder Hammers and two Astartes Shields for some resilience (2/2/1 in a 5 man squad), this battleline unit is the starting point for most Deathwatch lists. It has the Kill Team keyword, and provides itself innate rerolls of 1 (all vs Xenos armies), which allows it to function as an independent fighter with some stratagem support, or go all the way with combined shooting and melee output. Being able to solve your own failed shooting attempts and closing the damage output with melee is very useful. Notably this is a very fragile unit, but at just 20ppm, it’s not too bad when they take damage as you can choose to lose the 6 ablative models (either the hammers, or the frags depending on what the role you need for them next turn is) before you start losing effective output in a single phase. As the warring armies close upon one another and vicious firefights erupt, the Codex lays out strategies for swiftly seizing the initiative and combining versatility with firepower.While this combat doctrine is active, improve the Armour Penetration characteristic of every Rapid Fire and Assault weapon that models in this unit are equipped with by 1.Librarian: The Librarian is the resilience option of the above, providing a 4+ Invulnerable save instead of free Stratagem Usage. Depending on the unit’s role in the list, this can be just as powerful and adds a lot of staying power when taking objectives. Beacon Angelis is just as good here as it is with the Captain. The new books are scheduled to be available in October, so it won’t be much longer until Games Workshop’s flagship army gets even more options and units. Maybe Cawl is right after all. Either way Primaris players should be happy with the Heavy Intercessors and their ability to absolutely slaughter other power armor units, the boosted melta rules, and the speedy punch offered by the Storm Speeders. Personally I’m even more excited by the new Crusade rules, including the option to take a gravely wounded character and inter them in a dreadnought. If this is the level of quality we can expect from future books every player should be excited. The balance of AP, damage, and number of shots are sufficiently different that it may not necessarily be obvious what the best choice is, so we ran some simulations against squads of Intercessors, Gravis, and Ork troops to get a sense of which option would be the most effective. Since 9th Edition is so heavily dependent on movement and contesting objectives we also examined how the heavy options would fare when the units were forced to move. First up is a comparison of all three types against Intercessors and Gravis units. Command Squad • Reclusiam Command Squad • Captain • Primaris Captain • Lieutenant • Primaris Lieutenant • Company Ancient • Company Champion

On the topic of surprises, we already know that the Orks and Adepta Sororitas codexes are on their way, but what about the next two? Long-range Marksmen. Add 3″ to the range characteristic of Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons (but not flame weapons) for units with this tactic. If you’re looking at lists from before this book came out you will probably see a lot of this, particularly on Raven Guard Centurion lists from 8th and, in 9th, Salamanders Successors. The former are dead and buried and the latter don’t need this any more, since flamers – the main reason to use it, so you can fire them out of deep strike – are a) 12″ range now and b) excluded anyway. Without that it’s merely fine. B- Bellicos Bolt Rifle: Replaces a master crafted auto bolt-rifle. Adds a shot and a point of damage. Fine, but like with all the ranged weapons thus far the magnitude of enhancement compared to the melee options is tiny. C Purgatorus: A relic which can replace all the different kinds of bolt pistol. 3 shots at 18″, S5, AP-3, D2. GW are really, really trying with making relic guns worth taking, and if you really have nothing else you want to take, this goes on just about anyone. CDesolation Squads: It’s Space Marines, did you think you were going to get away from the unit that a good balance dataslate can’t keep down? Oath of Moment provides this unit with an obnoxious amount of damage, and access to stratagems like Hellfire Rounds for Anti-Infantry 2+. Extended Range and AP from Kraken Rounds, or the ability to teleport into line of sight with Teleportarium makes this unit as dangerous here as ever it was elsewhere. Add on mission tactics and you have a unit you’d be hard pressed to ever leave home without. This is an extremely potent change, altering two driving rolls in the case of the multi-melta and dramatically enhancing output. Instead of re-rolling damage when under half range (and potentially dealing a single point of damage with a one shot anti-tank weapon), the melta weapon gets a flat +2 bonus and a 17% chance of dealing 8 damage points to a single target. The chart below shows the output for a unit of 3 Eradicators (a very common option for Space Marines) under the basic damage, current rule, and Codex rule. As you can see the output is significantly enhanced, with the chance of taking out a Repulsor in one shot doubling. The addition of 2 bonus damage makes melta weapons extremely nasty at close range and provides a much needed boost to a historically maligned weapon. Knowledge is Power. Re-roll any or all dice rolls of a 1 when attempting to manifest or deny a psychic power. Helpful for avoiding Perils of the Warp and smoothing out psychic results, but ultimately not as good as having a +1. Also only applies to a few units in the army, and Librarians still aren’t the Marines’ strong suit. C I've used both the Thunderstrike and the Hammerstrike in my White Scars list, and every time, I wish I just grabbed more Inceptors or something. They split the baby in terms of output VS. durability, and in so doing, made it completely eclipsed by everything else that fills similar roles.

Born Heroes/Whirlwind of Rage, which has become quite common in Iron Hands successor builds to give them extra mele punch to go with their powerful shooting. This is a whole new section for 9th edition, and there’s lots going on here. Chapter Command represents the top-ranking officers in the Space Marine army, the highest respective person in their role, such as the Chapter Master or Chief Apothecary. These are upgrades to existing units that you’d take, making them more powerful and giving them access to new warlord traits and relics. Rules for these were first introduced in Faith and Fury for 8th, but they’ve been changed significantly here from that first iteration. The biggest change is that the upgrades for your chapter leaders are now paid for with regular-old army building points rather than by using stratagems for CP. They all return here, plus there’s a new section for Chapter Masters to come into their own, with some light restrictions – Deathwatch can’t take Chapter Masters and Blood Angels can’t take Chapter Ancients, since those already exist in different forms in their individual supplements. Unlike the Land Speeder, Storm Speeders do have a Damage Chart. You can see the degradation from the Hammerstrike example earlier in the article. However, when a Storm Speeder begins experiencing degradation after 5 Wounds, the Land Speeder would be on its last one. Meanwhile, Storm Speeders still have 5 to go. Land Speeder: The humble Land Speeder provides a movement 14, and offers a very useful buff of Ignore Cover and +1 to hit for blast weapons vs a visible target to the Speeder. This combines very well with the BS4 of the Frag Cannon, and the Castellan/Vengor Launchers equipped by Desolation Marines

Dedicated Transports

There are a few core combinations for Deathwatch, that usually revolve around combining multiple overlapping buffs to make any unit do an absurd amount of damage in the right situation. Now, for new players, vehicles use the same stat lines as infantry with Strength, Toughness, Wounds, and all the other statistics. In terms of game mechanics, they work much like infantry. However, unlike simple infantry, they have a Damage Chart. As a vehicle suffers unsaved Wounds, their capabilities decrease in some areas. For example, let’s look at the Storm Speeder Hammerstrike below.

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