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Magic Spells: White Magic Witchcraft Spells for Money, Good Luck, Protection and Good Fortune

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Firstly, you will need to cleanse all the items that will be going into your money bowl. This is to rid all of the items of any negative energies they may be holding on to.

The next step is to create a list of things that you wish for the person. These can be anything from good health and happiness to financial success and career advancement. Be specific and put as much positive energy into your wishes as possible. Once you have finished making your list, burn it in a fire-proof bowl or container. As the paper burns, visualize your wishes coming true for the person you are casting the spell on. Cleanse your space: Remove clutter and unwanted items from your ritual area, then cleanse the ambiance with sage, incense, or simply by intending to clear negative energy. Green candle (for prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. Can’t find a green candle? You can use birthday cake candles or substitute with a white candle instead!) Anoint yourself with the oil on your pulse points, further sealing in your intention and the spell’s energy. Oil – choosing oils associated with prosperity, such as jasmine oil, bay leaf oil, cinnamon oil, etc are preferred but any oil will do in a pinch

In its very essence, spellcasting and Witchcraft shouldn’t be complicated.That’s why we have collected a set of easy spells that you can cast at home, even if you don’t have much experience as a Witch. Follow the link below if this is your first time trying spells. Take some time to get comfortable, sit peacefully, and breathe. Visualize your mind, body, and spirit being cleansed, with new doors opening for you. It’s not uncommon for a couple to go through periods in their relationship where communication becomes stale and stagnant. Just like the seasons of the year, our relationships also travel through various ups and downs. Now hold the candle, close your eyes, and use thoughts of pure intention and love to infuse the candle with these positive energies. Imagine the love you desire, not the person specifically but rather the feeling that fills you up once you experience the love you desire.

Or, take the Ring of Gaxx. It uses one opcode to improve your AC, five different opcodes to improve each of your saves, another opcode to apply regeneration, another opcode to improve your magic resistance, two copies of the same opcode (with different parameters) to grant immunity to poison and disease, another opcode to grant 100% poison damage resistance,* then two copies of yet another opcode to give you portrait icons showing you have magic resistance and regeneration, then four copies of another opcode to prevent the dialog box from saying you got poisoned or diseased (there are four different strings it has to prevent), and finally three copies of another opcode to prevent three different portrait icons relating to disease and poison. That's 21 different opcodes to apply all the benefits that the ring is supposed to grant. Taking Action: Recognize that manifesting wealth requires consistent effort—practice proactive actions like setting goals, networking, or furthering education alongside magical practices for a balanced approach. This healing spell can help to heal a friendship that may currently be experiencing any issues or rifts. You can use it if you feel as though your friendship is drifting apart but ensure you have openly communicated about any issues that may be hindering your friendship first. Step 1: Cleanse and consecrate your jar or container by passing it through the smoke of incense or sage. As you do so, visualize all negative energy being released from the vessel.If you’ve never cast a spell before, start with easy spells, or look for one that seems simple enough for you. Don’t have big expectations for your first rituals. It’s a slow learning progress and little by little you will become more confident. Step 6: Add the coins to the jar while chanting: “ Coins that gleam within my sight, bring prosperity day and night“. If using runes or symbols, draw them on your paper with your intention. Pass the paper through the candle’s flame (safely) as a way of sending your message to the universe.

Move your hand with the penny in it up to your Third Eye point (where the Indian ladies have their dot!). Now you can begin to add each of your items to your jar, one by one. As you add the items think about what each one means to you. You may even take a moment to hold each item in your hands, with your eyes closed, and feel its energy.

Some Simple Spells for Good Luck

When casting any spell, your thoughts must be directed towards your goal like a laser beam, without any interference.🎯 Love spells that work best for beginners are those that focus on changing your outlook on life and improving yourself, instead of trying to change what others feel. 2. Choose the right spell Also, if you are casting a spell for someone else, be it a family member or a friend, let them know what you will be doing and get their permission first! III. Be Realistic This true love spell doesn’t use manipulation to forge love within the heart of someone who may not love you. Rather, it draws to you someone who possesses all the characteristics you desire. Light your candle and gaze deeply into the flame, concentrating on your intention as you do so. If it helps, imagine yourself succeeding in your intended task and what it looks and feels like at that very moment. Allow the energy to overtake you and embody the confidence that you feel in your mind’s eye.

Retrace Your Steps: Revisit each element used in crafting this spell—open up the jar, unfold your written intentions, and observe any emotional responses as you recall your original goals. One at a time, remove the fortunes and read them out loud. Eat the cookie while visualizing the fortune being in your life. Before starting to cast any spells, you need to make sure to be in the right atmosphere and mindset. Most of these rituals will be performed on your altar, which can be both your ritual work area and a personal sacred space the rest of the time. Now take the four corners of your cloth or napkin, making sure that none of the salt spills out, and tie it securely with your green thread or ribbon so it becomes like an envelope. The more you practice casting money spells, the more effective they will be for you. It’s normal to feel a bit out of your comfort zone with some of these rituals, especially in the beginning, but don’t be disappointed.Prepare your intention: Reflect on your financial goals or desires and mentally rehearse their successful manifestation in your life. Sit at a table and place the ceramic angels on the table in front of you and ensure they are facing you. Set up your bathroom, so it feels relaxing and nourishing. Light your candle. Gather your herbs and add them to the tub while the water runs. If you add essential oils and/or a crystal, choose the ones that support your intention. When you make a petition or a request to any entities or to your Higher Self, pretend that you already have what you are asking for and that you are just giving thanks for it. Never say “Help me because I’m tired and lonely” or anything like that. Focus on positive thinking, which naturally attracts positive energies. For example, say: “Thanks for filling my life with love and joy”.

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