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Immortal Nights: An Argeneau Novel

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Tomasso and Abigail were a very unlikely pair and were thrown together in the most unusual circumstances. But, they were great together. He knew what was happening every time he touched her and she just couldn’t understand why she was always waking up in the strangest positions and places. Ustedes dicen es una broma , Irina . ¿porque estas tan cabreada? bueno porque estan ellos dos solos en la isla . DIGAMOS que Tomás no es " inmortal" es un chico cualquiera. ¿y si le daba una fiebre y se morian los dos perdidos ahi? luego ocurre al revés , que la protagonista le da dengue ( a ella también le picaron moscos en vez de preocuparse de joderlo debio haber pensando en el dengue ) Es cierto que esta saga no es tan asombrosa como lo fue en sus inicios y que algunos de los ultimos libros me han dejado un poco indiferente pero por alguna razon ( quizas el cariño que le tengo a la serie ) siempre termino cayendo y leyendo la ultima novela publicada. Not enough humor to make up for the plot. There is a bit but not the constant that some of the older books had. For me, humor can make up for a so/so plot, this one just didn't do it. I really enjoyed this story, it was funny and not at all like some of the previous books which took place in Canada with more than a few of the people from prior books as supporting characters. I liked the tropical location and the situations that these two got into.

Abigail, is like many of the protagonists in that she doesn't really have many ties, thus making it easier for her to simply run off with her immortal lover. The one tie she does have have is her childhood friend Jet who she promptly forgets about the moment she lays eyes on Tomasso Notte. In my book, this makes her an awful person. For all she knew, Jet could have been taken prisoner. He could have been being abused and violated or even murdered but she was too busy getting it on with Tomasso to think about her BFF from childhood. So I took a break from Sands and now I'm 5 books behind with another being published in September. Hopefully, I'll be ready for that one. Immortal Nights although a bit silly and has too much fluff in the plot at times....was a fun and entertaining story with a bit of adventure and sensuality to curl your toes!!! I enjoyed it and actually got through it in 2 days... so it didn't drag but there was nothing new either. Oh, and she leaves us with a cliffhanger epilogue that really is the over arc of chasing the "new" bad guy. Not nice to try to reel us in and really it doesn't do it as you really don't care for the ho hum bad guy plot. So just good, not one of her better ones.In the beginning Lynsay (I feel we're on a first name basis since I've been reading her vampire romances since they first came out) wrote some cute and delightful romances that involved vampires and would make me laugh out loud. I couldn't eat or drink while reading them because I knew - just KNEW - at some point I would laugh until a pig snort came out. Then she left that part of the series and went towards the vampire enforcers. Now suddenly they have a cookie cutter plot and books are churned out every 6 months or so. Take this book for example. I won't be describing their romance because I can't. These two never came to life and their romance was as flat as cardboard. The characters were annoying and hard to warm up to, the plot was slow and disjointed. The mythos surrounding the Immortals was poorly explained. And this was very obviously a filler book for the broader, over-arching series plot because a big bad villain is discussed but there’s zero payoff to his story. I'm not sure why I let myself get so far behind on this series. Here's the thing, I really enjoy it so...I think it's just that for a while there I was reading the same authors over and over and the same type of book that I got a little burned out.

Ni siquiera me acuerdo bien de los nombres , se nota que no me ha impactado mucho. la primica es cool. Abigail se sube de polisón por su amigo el piloto Jet al avión donde está Tomasso secuestrado. ÉL se despierta y se tira del avión con la chica porque es su compañera de vida. Caen en la selva . Tú dices WOOW. ¡va haber lucha o tal vez hablen mucho! ... So much went on in this book. The time stranded on the island after escaping Tomasso’s kidnappers was hysterical. His solution for his constant erection had me laughing out loud. Her solution to all the crab bites on his “member” was even funnier. Once at the resort, things became a little more serious since he had a lot of explaining to do and she had a lot to digest. But, they had their moments there too. They soon found out that you really shouldn’t fool around with a blood bag in your mouth.I've read all the previous books in this series and have adored them, Immortal Nights and the previous book, Runaway Vampire, just didn't seem get me like the other books in the Argeneau and Rouge Hunter series. Which is a shame as I loved the Notte twins when they have appeared as secondary characters in other books.

death. Darkness mimics Hades, and at night, the dead may visit the living. Just as the grieving Achilles finally drifts off to sleep on the beach of Ilion, Patroklos visits him in a dream. He begs Achilles to release him from his purgatory. Night is associated indirectly with Sleep and Dream, for without her they could not exist. Sleep and Dream, through Night, facilitate man’s journey through life and into death. Dream, springing from dark unconsciousness, often brings the unknown to light. Only through Dream does Achilles learn of the condition of Patroklos’ soul, and Dream often conveys prophecies or messages from the gods. Sleep (who is protected by the goddess Night) mimics death, and one day is symbolic of a lifespan. Night herself brings daily renewal to weary mortals, helping them live as well as die. I felt that the book took to much time getting started, the stranded on a beach chapters should of been shorter, in my opinion. I started to enjoy the book more when they made it to the resort and Tomasso turned her, just in time for his brother to turn up. If you want to get the updates about latest chapters, lets create an account and add An Immoral Night to your bookmark. Full disclosure, I’ve never read any of the Immortal books before and starting on #24 probably wasn’t the best idea. But my library only has a limited selection of audiobooks available and I had to take what I could get. So this review will be from the perspective of someone totally new to the series.

Night of Immorality, 배덕의 밤

The Hero(s): Tomasso - he was captured by some ruffians that work for the Doctor whom he and the Enforcers that work for Lucien have been searching for. The doctor is basically a mad scientist who is determined to learn the secrets of the immortals and use them to his advantage. The Doctor has hold up on an island near Venezuela where he keeps his immortal ‘subjects’ that he experiments on. If you want to get the updates about latest chapters, lets create an account and add Immoral Night to your bookmark.

You know the Immortals are being kidnapped and experimented on but you never learn why. What does the Big Bad guy want? I received this ARC copy of Immortal Nights from Harper Collins - Avon in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication September 20, 2016. The plot starts around one of the worst romantic rescues in history and even with some humorous moments the romance seemed a bit rushed in some ways as did some other portions of this book but I did enjoy this story and was frustrated that we still have to wait to see (hopefully) some serious movement in the overarching plot which looks to be in the next book slated for Mar 2017. To be honest there is too much to tell for this to be contained in 1 book so it seems one of my favorite series will continue for at least a few more novels. En esta ocasion no se si el hecho de ir con pocas expectativas ayudo a que la lectura me gustara mas o si fue simplemente que era el momento ideal para leer este estilo de libro, fuera lo que fuera, la historia me resulto entretenida, amena y graciosa, puede que la trama de misterio ( con todo el asunto de los secuestros ) no avance demasiado en esta parte pero yo sinceramente no lo extrañe, me gusto que todo se centrara en la relacion de Abi y Tomasso.Jet shows up, having spent the last week desperately searching for Abigail like a real hero and gets kind of pissed that Abigail is happily loving it up with Tomasso in a luxury resort as if she hasn’t given Jet a second thought. Then Abigail makes him feel super guilty for thinking that since she almost died of the Dengue fever, even though she totally DID forget Jet for most of the book and had been berating herself for doing so. Abigail es una estudiante retirada de la carrera de medicina , cursando el sexto año . y ella solo porque esta resentida que Tomas no la mirado ni besado ni tirado encima ( mi amor , estan en una isla perdidos deben sobrevivir no otras cosas ) mientras duerme le pone algo no recuerdo que algo que termina atrayendo animales , bichos , cangrejos que le pica el organo sexual de Tomas . man’s life, because the world sprang from darkness, she might be called a boundary to the universe, and of course, she demarcates a man’s day. Agamemnon cries out to Zeus, "Let not the sun go down and disappear into darkness until I have hurled headlong the castle of Priam blazing..." (II, 413) He feels he must accomplish his objective in one day. That daily sense of urgency is carried over into the Greek concept of a lifespan. The mortal’s time on earth is short; he must achieve as much glory as possible within that time if he is to be remembered after death. That urgency, combined with a newfound sense of the futility of man’s efforts when the end is inevitable, drives Achilles mad. In his great speech to the convoy sent to him by Agamemnon, he betrays his frustration with the confinement he now sees in an attitude he once unquestioningly accepted.

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