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Cruel King: A Dark New Adult Romance (Royal Elite)

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I actually had an entire review planned out in my head of me just hating on this book, but I realized that I didn't have to waste energy writing a review for a book that doesn't even deserve one *writes one anyway*

The storybook art style might not be to everyone’s taste, but I’m quite fond of it, and it’s undeniably one of The Cruel King and the Great Hero ’s biggest strengths. The second is the emotion the story elicits. Few queens’ stories are sadder than that of “Juana la Loca,” whose family and rivals colluded to keep her confined in asylums. Born fourth in line to the throne of her parents Ferdinand and Isabella, Joanna was married off to Philip “the Handsome” of Burgundy at age 16. When a series of deaths made her heir apparent to Isabella’s throne, her husband kept her confined after her mother’s death in an attempt to press his claim (over Ferdinand’s) for the Castilian throne. No srsly why was it so sad to read this? Like it had no actual flavour. The drama was forced. The plot? Nonexistent. pls someone tell me what was the purpose of this book??? I just read it and I couldn’t tell you what it was about if you put a gun to my head 🤡🤡

On her first day at Royal Elite School Elsa meets Kim, a girl who is sneaking around the edge of the crowd of students and she figures that Kim is a girl like her, who just wants to keep her head down and get through high school so she can get into a good college. They become immediate friends. Then she sees Aiden on the field with his friends. She meets his eyes and can’t look away. He then comes up to her and tells her that he will destroy her. Gavin and Whitley had great banter and chemistry throughout the entire book and once they give into their attraction they can’t keep their hands off each other. Their relationship filled with steam, humor, angst, and banter along with a passion that they couldn’t possibly contain. I love how Gavin never tries to change or tame Whitley, he loves her just the way she is with all her crazy stories and colorful hair. Overall, this book was so good and the characters were great, I would definitely recommend reading this book. I admit that this book was addictive and I wanted to know what actually happened and is going to happen. But i also feel this book is very similar to Fear Me by B.B. Reid . If you’re trying to make your character dark and menacing at least try to make them appear, I don’t know, convincing?? Another thing I like was that this was an erotic romance and boy was it spicy. I give it 5 peppers for hotness 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶! One thing I sometimes hate about high school romance is that they are too clean and a great number of high school students can be a bit dirty. If they were we wouldn’t have TV shows like Teen Mom or Young and Pregnant.

This is making more sense now because he can’t love the girl who’s parents were responsible for his mothers death 😭 PDF / EPUB File Name: Cruel_King__A_Dark_New_Adult_Romance_-_Rina_Kent.pdf, Cruel_King__A_Dark_New_Adult_Romance_-_Rina_Kent.epub Like I get it, he played small little mind games being cold and hot, being cringly-possessive. But that's literally what cold men do in every single book, and it's not really considered as bullying. I had to confess that Highschool Bully romance is starting to get boring and everything is starting to look the same, in my opinion... Which means that the author really have to work hard to be able to excel in this trope. The hero’s first meeting with the heroine, everyone. Can you imagine the derisive laugh I had to STIFLE after reading that?! 😃😃

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The way this couple was re-introduced was funny as all get out it made us laugh out loud the belly laugh kind. The characters were supportive and amazing. I’ve loved Whitley from day one, so I knew I would love her through her story. Gavin could go either way, even though I always enjoyed his bromance with Court and his friendship with Camden. Fortunately, this story made me love Whitley even more and I fell in love with Gavin too! Perhaps the most damning indictment I can give the game comes down to the quality of its localization. It’s not that it’s actively terrible, and it’s clear that a lot of passion did go into the project – but it’s the consistency that stings most of all. For a game so heavy with dialog, so much of it is dry. Perhaps part of that is due to some character limitation, but that doesn’t change what’s there in the final product. At times text formatting will be messed up, with a line break where it shouldn’t be, or with numerous instances of text overflowing from dialog bubbles or UI elements in general. It happened often enough to stand out, even early on, and I do sadly think that it’s a detriment to the overall experience when so much of what I genuinely enjoyed about the game came down to its narrative, warts and all. With those big puppy dog eyes begging me to agree, claiming I’m the only one who can pull it off, I say yes. What could go wrong? Other than pulling it off so successfully that the line between real and fake blurs.

Honestly, she was like a momma bear, protecting Kim from all the fat-shaming and bullying. She was so strong and resilient and even though she was getting bullied too, she tried her best to protect Kim.

Pedro the Cruel, King of Castile

I was a daughter, a friend, a dog mom, and a professional geek until I lost everything. My whole story, my whole life destroyed in just a breath. Gavin and Whitley are combustible from the very first moment readers see these two again. They've been in each other's lives for a long time, dancing around feelings that are blatantly obvious to us, but feelings they're fighting against as neither thinks they're relationship material. Bumping into each other again though hits a light switch on for Gavin and has him doing all he can to claim Whitley once and for all...starting a fake relationship with her that soon becomes all too real. Her first day of school was living hell the moment when she met Aiden King, who promised her that he will destroy her. Deviant King is book one of Royal Elite Series. This is a dark high school bully romance, mature new adult, and contains dubious situations that some readers might find offensive. Aiden isn’t the normal romance hero. In fact, he’s not a hero at ALL. So please don’t read this if any of that bothers you.

First of all, Aiden King is such a regal and intimate name, how dare Ms. Kent name the H Aiden King and give him the personality of a potato!? That name paired with his posh British accent had soo much potential! Whitley is certain that her and Gavin are only meant to be friends and she is determined to keep it that way. But when Gavin needs her help to pretend to be his fake girlfriend for his cousin's wedding, at first Whitley says no she is a bad girlfriend, she cannot play this role but when Gavin talks her into being his fiancé instead as she's never been a fiancé before, how can she know if she'll be good or bad at it until she tries, so she finally accepts. Playing pretend is way too easy and being the centre of Gavin's world and all the attention and affection that comes with being his fiancé even if it's for his family's benefit has Whitley's mind racing and making her question her decision to just be friends. Also wearing his ring on her finger feels like it belongs there, that it should of always been there and a part of her, a big part never wants to take it off which only adds to her inner turmoil. Warning:- if you really wanna enjoy this book, you need to shut off your feminist brain, I am sorry I can't!! The Dragon King is overprotective, but he knows that one day Yuu will achieve her dream, and he supports her to the best of his ability. He grants Yuu his blessing as she ventures out to explore the surrounding areas – if he secretly tags along to help her out, well, what Yuu doesn’t know won’t hurt her. The game’s art elicits a similar response. Character and enemy artwork is fine – even reskinned enemies have unique design elements that help make them fit in with whatever new environment they find themselves in, most of the time. The real issue comes down to the world itself. Everything takes place on a 2D plane, which is well and good, but little has been done to make the world actively feel interesting to explore. A big part of that comes down to how similar different sections of the same location might look the same. While the in-game map you can open up does its job well enough, it’s still fairly easy to find yourself getting turned around. Even on my PlayStation 4 copy, in certain areas, it’s very easy to see the compressed edges of artwork that’s been blown up to proportions it was likely never originally intended to be viewed.


The second hand embarrassment throughout this book is real, if I was a fellow student watching this whole book unfold in front of my eyes I'd rather switch schools than to see this. Deviant King is the first book in a series, so be prepared for a cliffhanger ending. I got enough answers for me to not feel super frustrated by it, but it still left me reeling. I can't wait for the next installment, Steel Princess! Hopefully, we finally get some of Aiden's POV, because so far, the story has been in Elsa's entirely. and can we talk about Kimberly (h bff) and Xander's (H bff) history? i bet you they used to be childhood best friends but something happened so Xander became her "bully". im getting a Jared and Tate vibes and im all for that. i think im more intrigued with their relationship and story to be honest. The first book of that duet was good. This book reminded me of that duet when there was a mention of Elsa LOSING her memories (could memories be a euphemism for brain cells? Hmm, I wonder.) after being in an accident. I remember something similar happened to the h in All The Lies. I don’t know what’s the author’s fixation with making her heroines suffer from amnesia (when they already suffer from STUPIDITY) suffering two terminal diseases must be hard. Elsa might not have my respect but she has my (reluctant) sympathy. Astrid’s gaze flies from me to Nicole who turns her head to state at the newcomer. Her lips part farther before she shakes her head and stares from Nicole to me again.

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